We proudly present: Lizanne Willems

We proudly present: Lizanne Willems

Lizanne Willems, is living in the Netherlands.

She is only 24 years old but has been singing for as long as she can remember. Sometimes she even sings instead of think inside of her mind, she says.

Her style varies from jazz, soul, blues to pop and rock, a refreshing mix of all genres. Her musical inspirations are Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Freddy Mercury, ABBA, Amy Winehouse and Florence&the Machine.

Lizanne performs covers,’’olden goldies’’ but also does song writing and performs her own songs as well. She writes her music and lyrics from experiences in her lifetime and the lessons those experiences where teaching her.

Lizanne performed in the Netherlands at a festival called ‘Muziekpark’. She sang with the band ‘Pretty Serious’. Their program was  a tribute to the Rock Band „The Pretty Reckless“ and to the legendary, unforgotten ‚Blondie’ well chosen for Lizanne’s voice, full of character.

She also performed at The Meerstoel’ in Sambeek, together with guitarist Dennis van Wylick, playing all kinds of covers from the top 2000.

By creating her music, Lizanne finds a way to translate unspoken words and feelings inside of us into healing.

Music is a form of meditation and healing. I love to share it. (Lizanne)

Stay tuned and keep following. We have a lot to tell you. Soon you will find Lizanne’s music and some videos on this page.